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Spider Simulators

Question - what replicates the actions of a search engines crawling robot? Answer - a spider simulator. Yes, I realize how nerdy that sounds... but I think you will agree it's relevant (perhaps even interesting) when you realize what a vaulable tool a spider simulator can be.

Say you want to know what your website looks like from the perspective of a search engine... you can build a very extensive reading list of web resources to explain how search engines have worked over the years and formulate a course of study for yourself, or you can just plug your website's URL into one of the tools below. It's as easy as 'copy and paste'.

Perhaps you discover your website never comes up in the rankings for a particular search term you feel is vaulable for your business, and you want to know why the search engines don't 'see' that keyword in your content... put your URL into one of these spider simulators, and you can discover what search engines do see when they visit your website. You may be quite surprised.

As it becomes more common for people to build websites with tools that don't require the builder to know website code, it's becoming increasinly common for hackers to take advantage of the lack of scrutiny over the code of WordPress and Wix sites (amongst others) and insert malicious code. Running a spider simulator is one way to spot this type of malicious attack on your code.

Free and easy to use, spider simulators are a great tool for website owners.

2018 List of Spider Simulators

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